Location Change!

In the opening chapter of Douglas Adams’ “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, the protagonist, Arthur Dent, is visited one morning at his home by a bulldozing company and told that his home will be knocked down to make room for a bypass. An understandably vexed Arthur proceeds to exclaim that he would like to have been provided some notice that this was to occur. He is informed that plans were on display at some obscure, poorly accessible location for many months and he should have been prepared. He naturally responds by lying down in front of the bulldozer as a form of protest. A resolution to this conflict is obviated by the destruction of the Earth a short while later to make room for an intergalactic bypass. Arthur fortunately survives by hitchhiking a ride on a nearby spaceship.

In a situation wrought with irony, our group was recently informed that plans have been in place for many months for renovations to take place at our conference venue. Of course, as often happens in these situations, we were not informed at the time of reservation. Plans were probably displayed somewhere. HHGTTG fans that we are, our natural impulse was to also go lie down in front of the building so that renovators could not access our conference site (our group chair may have already tried this). Rather than wait for a more dramatic resolution, the university has graciously accommodated us at a different venue.

The symposium will now take place at the Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering in room 1010 (ARMS 1010). Our catered breaks, lunches, poster session, and reception will all take place in the atrium outside the conference room. We will be happy to provide our visitors with maps and directions to the venue upon their arrival.


See you all in ARMS 1010 on May 13! In the meanwhile, keep an eye out for Vogon spaceships.

–posted by Satchal Erramilli


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