Andrew Mugler


Dr. Andrew Mugler completed his undergraduate degree in Physics at Harvey Mudd College and then moved east to Columbia University for his PhD with Professor Chris Wiggins, where he studied the properties of biological networks and models for gene expression. In addition to his research at Columbia, he was also a GK-12 Fellow, and helped teach grade-schoolers mathematics in novel ways. Following completion of his doctoral studies, Dr. Mugler continued his journey east for postdoctoral training with Dr. Pieter Rein ten Wolde at the FOM Institute AMOLF in the Netherlands, where he studied biochemical signaling. He returned stateside in 2013 to work with Professor Ilya Nemenman at Emory University in Atlanta. Dr. Mugler joined the Purdue Department of Physics in 2014 as a faculty member. His research focuses on the molecular interactions of cellular networks and cell-cell communication using computational modeling and in collaboration with experimentalists. Outside of the lab Dr. Mugler has a variety of interests; you can find him outdoors hiking and running, or indoors doing yoga or completing crossword puzzles.


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