Jeremy Lohman


Dr. Jeremy Lohman completed his undergraduate degree in Biochemistry at Washington State University in Pullman, WA. He then headed to the University of Oregon for his PhD with Professor S. James Remington, where he studied the conformational changes of enzymes involved in biosynthetic pathways. Dr. Lohman then went east to the University of Wisconsin for his postdoctoral work with Professor Ben Shen, and then moved with Dr. Shen to The Scripps Research Institute in Florida. Finding the lure of the Midwest powerful, Dr. Lohman returned in 2014, when he accepted a faculty position in the Department of Biochemistry at Purdue. Dr. Lohman’s research focuses on the modification of existing enzymatic pathways for the production of natural products to be used for medicinal purposes, such as antibiotics and anti-cancer agents. His lab makes use of bioinformatics, X-ray crystallography, and enzymology, which he to uses to decipher sequence-structure-function relationships within these pathways. When he’s not in the lab, Dr. Lohman is a zealous outdoorsman who enjoys biking, spearfishing, climbing, and camping.


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