Nicholas Noinaj


Dr. Nicholas Noinaj received his undergraduate degree in Mathematics and Chemistry from Berea College in Kentucky. He stayed in state for his PhD with Professor David Rodgers at the University of Kentucky. His thesis work focused on the structure and function of the neuropeptidases thimet oligopeptidase and insulin degrading enzyme. Dr. Noinaj headed east to the National Institutes of Health for his postdoctoral training with Dr. Susan Buchanan, where he worked on a variety of systems, including outer membrane proteins in gram-negative bacteria involved in iron piracy. Dr. Noinaj joined the Department of Biological Sciences at Purdue as a faculty member in 2014, and has continued his studies of the biogenesis of beta-barrel membrane proteins using a combination of X-ray crystallography and electron microscopy. Outside of the lab, he enjoys woodworking, photography, videography, playing the guitar, and songwriting.


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