Wen Jiang

Dr. Wen JiJiang, Wenang completed his undergraduate degree in Physics at Peking University, and his master’s degree in Biophysics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences – Institute of Biophysics. Dr. Jiang then went to the Baylor College of Medicine in Texas, where he pursued his doctoral and his postdoctoral training in cryo-EM studies of viruses in the lab of Dr. Wah Chiu. Dr. Jiang’s research focuses on the use of cryo-EM to study the assembly, maturation, and infection mechanism of viruses including dsDNA tailed bacteriophages and enveloped flaviviruses. His lab is also involved in the development of cryo-EM technical advancements, including image processing algorithms, high performance computing, data collection automation and reliable sample freezing, towards near atomic resolution single particle 3-D reconstructions and high resolution tomographic 3-D reconstructions.


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